Aged Care Policy Procedure & Forms

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Policies and procedures are a set of guidelines that help organisations meet legislative quality and compliance standards.

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These documents should be constantly updated and assessed as a valuable tool to support management, the organisation and clients in everyday operations.

Policy and procedure legislation are vitally important in setting a general plan of action to standardise everyday activities for residents. These guidelines influence and determine decisions regarding a resident or patient’s privacy, safety, quality of care and the expectation of staff to carry out their duties while complying with laws and regulations

Under the Aged Care Act 1997, aged care providers in Australia are required to comply with the Aged Care Quality Standards (Quality Standards) legislation and will be assessed on their policies and procedures compliance against the quality standards.

What are Policies and Procedures in Aged Care?

Policies and procedures are used to communicate and implement values, responsibilities and standards of a care team. These policies and values usually lay out the expectations of both staff and clients in the service that an organisation provides. Linking values and policies puts the resident at the forefront of care, so that aged care groups can uphold care, amenity and facilities requirements for residents.

Some important values include:

  • Accountability for the quality, efficiency and value of our services.
  • A continuous pursuit of the highest standards of care and services and providing continuous ongoing education and training to staff.
  • Ensuring each resident receives safe and effective personal and clinical care.
  • A gallant effort is made in handling the responsibilities which are entrusted.


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