If you want to get your organisation registered with the NDIS Commission to become a registered NDIS provider that provides more complex or higher risk supports and services, then you have to follow the certification pathway for registration.

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01. NDIS Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

02. NDIS Verification Pack User Manual/ Guideline

03. NDIS policies & procedures for verification

  • Person-centred supports Policy & Procedure
  • Individual values and beliefs Policy & Procedure
  • Privacy and Dignity Policy & Procedure
  • Independence and Informed Choice Policy & Procedure
  • Violence, Abuse, Neglect, Exploitation and Discrimination Policy & Procedure
  • Governance Policy & Procedure
  • Operational Management Policy & Procedure
  • Risk Management Policy & Procedure
  • Quality Management Policy & Procedure
  • Information Management Policy & Procedure
  • Complaints Management and Resolution Policy & Procedure
  • Human Resource Management Policy & Procedure
  • Continuity of Supports Policy & Procedure
  • Access to Supports Policy & Procedure
  • Support Planning Policy & Procedure
  • Service Agreements with Participants Policy & Procedure
  • Responsive Support Provision Policy & Procedure
  • Transitions to or from the provider Policy & Procedure
  • Safe Environment Policy & Procedure
  • Participant Money and Property Policy & Procedure
  • Medication Management Policy & Procedure
  • Waste Management Policy & Procedure

04. NDIS Forms/ Templates for record keeping

  • Form-01: Risk Assessment Form
  • Form-02: Complaint-Feedback Form
  • Form-03: CQI Register
  • Form-04: Incident Investigation Form
  • Form-05: Compliance Register
  • Form-06: Position Requirement Matrix
  • Form-07: Position/Job Description
  • Form-08: KPI Register
  • Form-09: Employee Training Matrix
  • Form-10: Complaints Register
  • Form-11: Authority to Act as an Advocate Form
  • Form-12: Service Agreement Template
  • Form-13: Participant Intake Form
  • Form-14: Participant Support Plan Template
  • Form-15: Document Control Register

05. Useful NDIS Documents

  • Easy to Read Participant Letter-July 2019
  • Handling complaints and fixing problems – Easy Read(Guidance for Participant)
  • Effective Complaint Handling (Guidance for Providers)
  • Incident Management(Guidance for Providers)
  • Provider Information Pack
  • The NDIS Code of Conduct (Guidance for Providers)
  • The NDIS Code of Conduct (Guidance for Workers)
  • The NDIS Code of Conduct (Poster)
  • Welcome to the NDIS Commission
  • Your Guide to the NDIS Practice Standards
NDIS Certification Documentation

Key Features:

Documents are written in a simple language and are user-friendly.

A soft copy of the editable documentation kit is provided.

The entire kit has been developed by NDIS experts.

Hands Up Disability’s guarantee:

Hands Up Disability guarantees this documentation kit will give you 100% success rate in the audit and registration process, if the documents are implemented without major changes that impact the requirements of NDIS standards.

If any issue is raised during the registration process and audit due to noncompliant documents, NDIS Specialist will fix the issue without additional cost.

Terms and Conditions:

01. The documentation provided will need to be tailored by you to meet the specific needs of your organisation.

02. Hands Up Disability owns the intellectual property for the NDIS pack including all policies, procedures, templates and forms (documents).

03. By purchasing these documents you shall use these for your own operations. You shall not:

  • Rent, sell or sublicence these documents
  • Reproduce, duplicate or copy documents to rent, sell or sublicence these documents
  • Redistribute contents of these documents

04. The documents can be provided to the NDIS Commission or an approved quality auditor as part of the registration process.

05. All legal fees for misusing the intellectual property of Hands Up Disability is payable by you/ your organisation.

06. By buying this package, you have agreed to the Terms and Conditions.


Hands Up Disability shall be liable under the terms and conditions of this pack to ensure that no shortage in the documentation occurs in the documentation kit.

Hands Up Disability shall not be liable for any loss to you, your organisation, your affiliates, your workers and participants in relation to the storage, usage or implementation of this documentation kit.

Payment Terms:

Full payment prior to delivery of the service pack.

No refund after delivery.